Carajillo Flan                       $150

Caramel flan with espresso coffee and Licor 43 reduction

Chocolate Passion             $120

Berries and Sambuca coulis

Caribbean Sigh                    $110

Lemon cream with limoncello liqueur and fruit syrup

Coconut Horchata Panna Cotta            $120

Striped coconut and Jamaican reduction

Apple and Cinnamon Band                    $120

With vanilla ice cream and toasted walnut



Carajillo                                     $130

Oaxaquillo                                $130

Liquor 43                                   $115

Rum Chata                               $120

Tequila Liquor 1921                 $120

Baileys                                        $110

Lemon Pie Martini                  $120

Absolut vodka, mango puree, lemon juice and milk

*Total prices in National Currency. January, 2021

*The consumption of raw productos is the responsability of whoever

requests them.

*Chef Sergio Turriza