Coffee and Tea

American Coffee                  $45

Coffee Expresso                   $45

Flat White Coffee                $45

Latte/ Capuccino                 $55

Espresso Machiatto            $50

Mocha                                    $65

Variety of Teas                      $45


Juices and Smoothies

Orange                                    $45

Green                                       $45

Litoral                                       $48

Lemon water with cucumber and chia

Nadir                                        $48

Green tea, apple, pineapple and ginger

Barlovento                             $55

Watermelon, strawberry, and wild blackberries

Rocker                                     $48

Guava, lemon, orange juice, parsley and cantaloupe

Genoa                                      $48

Apple, ginger, cinnamon




Croissant                                  $35

Filled with Hazelnuts and Almonds

Pain au chocolat                         $35

Cheese Balls (2 pieces)         $25

Cinnamon Roles                     $35

With creme anglaise and frosting

Rosca Brioche                       $35

Frosting and cream cheese



Seasonal Fruit Plate               $110

With natural yogurt and granola

Hot cakes                                  $115

Banana, fruit, honey, Nutella and hazelnut crisp

Full Energy Hotcakes           $130

Pasta with oats and activated charcoal, Greek yogurt, red berries and toasted coconut



Banana Smoothie                $125

With seasonal fruit, praline nuts, toasted almonds

Quinoa Bowl                         $125

With Chai Tea with fruit, wild Blackberries and roasted walnuts



Vegan                                     $115

Country bread, hummus, grilled vegetables, spinach and alfalfa

Nutella                                   $110

With banana, crunchy hazelnut and roasted coconut

Caprese                                 $120

Mozzarella cheese, roasted tomato, pesto and fresh basil

Avocado                                $125

Country bread, avocado, cherry tomato, spinach, goat cheese and sunflower seed


French Toast                        $120

Served with fresh fruit, icing sugar and maple syrup



Huevos Benedictinos.jpg


Los Mañaneros

Motuleños                                       $130

Fried eggs on toast, refried beans, red sauce, ham, cheese, peas and fried plantains

Casserole Eggs                               $125

Tomato sauce, zucchini, mushrooms and gratin with cheese

Cozumeleños Eggs                        $130

Scrambled eggs with chaya, "longaniza" and Dutch cheese with "xcatic" chili cream, served with "cabax" beans

Trade Winds                                   $130

Omelet of egg whites, with spinach and panela cheese, served with mushrooms, tomato, avocado and lettuce

Vegetarian Enfrijoladas              $120

Corn tortilla, carrot, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, corn, bean sauce, fresh cheese and cream

Cheese Tacos                                 $120

Grilled fresh cheese, wrapped in turkey ham with mixed salad and tomato sauce

Four cheese Panini                     $120

Béchamel sauce and basil pesto with tumaca

The Aztecas                                  $120

Blue tortilla quesadillas with pumpkin flower, panela cheese and Oaxaca cheese (4 pcs)

Eggs to taste                               $120

Omelet, Fried or Scrambled Ham, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onion, tomato, pepper, chorizo, sausage, sausage, chaya, spinach


Novena Ola Specialties

Fisherman's                                      $250

Scrambled eggs with lobster, tomato, serrano pepper, onion and cabax beans

Barberena (2 pieces)                      $135

Dough mixed with beans stuffed with pork rinds, cheese, tomato sauce and coleslaw with carrot

Fiorentina                                         $135

Crepe stuffed with spinach with mushrooms, bacon, bechamel and poached egg

Benedict eggs                                 $135

Tender poached eggs with creamy hollandaise sauce, accompanied by roasted tomatoes and arugula

Croque-Monseur                             $135

Country bread, smoked ham, gouda cheese and bechamel sauce

Cauliflower Fritata                           $130

Roasted cauliflower, egg, cream, bacon, ham, gouda cheese and fresh tomato vinaigrette


This is Mexico ... Chilaquiles


The Classics (Red or Green)      $125

Served with chicken breast, onion, fresh cheese, cream and coriander

Puerto Jarocho                            $130

Bean sauce with chorizo ​​and morita chili, chicken breast, avocado, cream and fresh cheese


Costa Brava                                   $180

Chipotle chili sauce, 150 gr of flank steak, fresh cheese, onion, and "epazote"

Pacific                                             $135

"Guajillo" chili sauce, chicken breast, Oaxaca cheese, cream and avocado

*The consumption of raw productos is the responsability of whoever requests them.

*Total prices in national currency

*Chef Sergio Turriza